Thanks Michelle and Hilary

“Making a Difference”

November 2017 Update: Locally, in Wetaskiwin, the cost of my books will be put back into the publishing cost and the profit is all donated to Dale’s Foundation to Care. I created this Foundation to contribute the funds generated to people and animals in need in my home town. My goal is to raise and maintain a fund for the local Wetaskiwin Family Pharmacy and the Wetaskiwin Animal Hospital from the sales of my books. The funds generated are to be shared with the local pharmacy and the veterinarian clinic as a starting point with expansion of this idea in the future. From the help from Michelle at Wetaskiwin Family Pharmacy we are selling our books and turning around and donating the profits right back towards the needs of people and to the owners of animals who deserve a helping hand.

We have started to sell my books in the Viking Pharmacy as well. The proceeds will help local Fire and EMS purchase additional equipment or supplies as needed by the town of Viking and surrounding community. We have also started selling the books at the Tofield Health Center with the proceeds being used towards essential hospital needs. They are very big dreams, but they are achievable and they are already happening. They are part of my efforts to help others and to save lives which is my simple reward. Thank you to the Viking Pharmacy and Rhonda at the Tofield Health Center.

All About Dale’s “Foundation to Care”

The reasons, goals, objectives, and future needs in setting up “Dale’s -Foundation to Care”

Plan Compose / Publish Eight (8) Books which twenty-five percent (25%) from the books’ royalties will be going into a fund to help:

  •  Help People in Need – Help people in crisis
  •  Help Animals in Need – I love Animals / They Deserve Our Efforts
  •  Support Trauma Care in Alberta (Urban / Rural Care Needs)
  • In the Future look at Repatriation of patients to home Countries

Goals to Achieve:

  1. To change the world one person at a time.
  2. To help others in need of moral support.
  3. To give others hope for mankind to care about others.
  4. To provide people in need a helping hand.
  5. Help to obtain and fund a location in the Kaye Edmonton Clinic for ATLS Offices / Course in the future.
  6. To enable the right people to make others’ lives better with no expectations other than to show kindness.
  7. To pay life forward with kindness to others.


  • Plan of implementing of the foundation.
  • Support Wetaskiwin Family drug store. (Started Aug 2017)
  • Support Wetaskiwin Veterinary Hospital. (Starting Aug 2017)
  • To support people that will help others in financial or personal need.
  • To ensure people can have the opportunity to receive education in EMS / Health Care
  • To ensure people can have the opportunity to receive an act of kindness.
  • To provide financial support to people in need of essential medication or treatment for people and animals.
  • To build my foundation to be a self-sustaining foundation to help others.
  • To Support the ATLS Office and make is self-sustainable
  • Provide revenue to support a fund that will help others in need.
  • Support Alberta Trauma Life Support Fund.
  • Desire to also help return patients to home countries with David Holes Air Service of the Future.

Need in the Future:

1. Board of directors to help setup and maintain the foundation.
2. Make into a non-profit society and expand my dream
3. Spread the dream by just helping people in need.
4. Share my vision with the leaders of tomorrow
5. Set up the worldwide structure of helping others in need.

Anyone wishing to help and donate Dale’s “Foundation to Care” please contact me directly. We can always use help to make the dream come true.