Dale M. Bayliss has published his first three books, Caretakers & Lifesavers and Between Life & Death, Nobody Walks Alone shortly Emergency Medicine: Surviving the Chaos

Dale has a full slate of future books in the works!

Caretakers & Lifesavers has been a Number One Seller

Between Life and Death has also been a number one Seller 

Nothing is impossible with the determination and the desire to change the world to be a better place for us all.”  

My idea for the complete book content (Part One is to develop, perfect and to publish 4 Books) I’m to my first goal. Then I’m taking a break. I started a surprise fiction book called “Saving Grace” and it will be a book to change the world. Hope to have it completed Jan 2022

1.  Book #1 – Caretakers & lifesavers: My Memoirs (Published July 2017) (My memoirs or my personal story on how I got this far in life.) It’s my start in EMS until last year and has many valuable life lessons and is a true inspiration to many. I have seen many good events in my life as well as a few miracles, but I also have seen a side of hell I can’t and won’t forget. This sets a foundation for all the books to follow.

2.  Book #2 – Between Life & Death – Surviving the Darkness (Published October 2017) (My Inspirational EMS Book to help all people deal with stress, life’s challenges, personal challenges, and PTSD from a real-life approach) Many events were real and other parts are fictional or related to events that have happened in the past. Call it simply life’s lessons to share. It will be released in November 2017. We constantly have seen repeated terrible events that are harmful to us all over time. I want to try and show people by using some of my real experiences to some fictional parts to help build a healing environment. As the title says it’s going to take you to hell and back on purpose. No matter how dreadful things can get for you at work or after work I want you to know you are never truly alone. You always have a backup plan. You always have a lifeline. I want people to know it’s ok to feel terrible after the most tragic events we often see.

Only God Knows how much Tinsel and Pebbles changed the World!

3.  Book #3No One Walks Alone – Overcoming the Darkness of EMS (Published December 2018) (Inspirational Book to rebuild an EMS system Dale’s Way. This book is mostly fictional along with a few real or honest attempts to change the fate of others in need. It’s a continuation of Book 2 (Between Life and Death) but at the next step to help to build and change our current EMS system to be even better. Along with pet therapy, caring people, and pure teamwork we can, and we will change the world. I added an incredibly special application of learning by using my past students and letting them team up with me and their learning is as real as it can be as the calls unfold. I know it will be an instant hit with many of my past students as well.

Book #3 No One Walks Alone: Overcoming the Darkness is Just being Published.

Book #4 Emergency Medicine: Surviving the Chaos Published July 2022

The Emergency Medical team is one friend that will stand strong for everyone that needs medical care. Many staff won’t have known you before today, but they will make your hospital stay their only concern. They will fight for you when others may have lost hope. Often one member of the team will show you that you truly matter even when others will not. Once you have one person on your side you then get the rest of the team at your side. They will then have your back no matter what. Don’t ever lose hope in life and living. You really do matter.

The Year 2020 to 2021 has made an enormous impact on my life and my whole perspective in life and in living. My Plans for the future are to complete the books I’ve started and laid out in my mind.

They are:

5. Book #5 – Saving Grace: Helping One Soul at a Time. My book to have fun while saving the world.

6. Book #6The Emergency Medical Survival Guide.  (This book presents a systematic approach to patient care. It is made for all levels of providers but will teach you many secrets that are part of the lives of the people keeping others alive at all costs).

7. Book #7 First Responders – The EMR’s (This will be a teaching pocketbook on the introduction to the profession and then the making of the EMR).

8. Book #8Primary Care Paramedics – EMT’s the BLS Angels – The EMT’s (This will be a teaching pocketbook on the introduction of the EMR to the profession and then the introduction to being an EMT). This covers what it takes to become an EMT, as well as how to learn enough to survive and then how to next achieve a higher level of care for our patients.

9. Book #9 Paramedics – The Last Stand (This is the complex aspect of making a paramedic that con stand and fight any situation and produce a solution to anything they are presented with). We will often be the ones that make the difference between life and death.